MISSION: POSSIBLE. Why Mission-Aligned Businesses Matter

Mission aligned businesses are those for profit companies and their executives who believe business is a force for good. If your company fits this description, Nfluence Partners is co-hosting the Mission Aligned Growth Summit in San Francisco on November 14, 2018. The Summit will bring together a select group of founders, CEOs, investors and thought leaders for a series of intimate conversations about the often-competing priorities of focusing on a higher purpose and navigating a traditionally profit-centric capital markets system.

Brewer Stone: China Tech Podcast

How concerned should Americans be with Chinese investment in US tech companies? Guest speaker Brewer Stone, Partner at Nfluence Partners, points out Chinese investors are making different kinds of investments and assuming new levels of risk to achieve their objectives.

The AI arms race: the tech fear behind Donald Trump’s trade war with China

Brewer Stone, Partner at Nfluence Partners and an expert on US-China tech investments, is quoted in a recent Financial Times article about trade policies with China.

Bloomberg Radio: Trade and Investment Disputes with China

Brewer Stone, Partner at Nfluence Partners, was interviewed recently on Bloomberg Radio regarding the developing trade and investment disputes with China, drawing on his more than 20 years of experience in cross border transactions in China and other emerging markets.

Big Tech: You Want the Good News or the Bad

Brewer Stone, an expert on China and cross-border mergers at Nfluence Partners, is quoted in a recent Barron’s article about volatility with technology stocks.

Inside Spotify’s Acquisition of Loudr

Spotify’s acquisition last week of the music licensing start-up Loudr helps the streaming service to better manage its costs so that it can focus on attracting new subscribers for its premium service, said Sun Jen Yung, a digital media investment banker at Nfluence Partners who helped Loudr close the deal.

Finance Monthly: Special Feature M&A

Finance Monthly speaks with former tech entrepreneur Gary Moon, who turned tech investment banker 16 years ago. He is currently the Managing Partner of the boutique investment bank Nfluence Partners, which focuses on M&A and capital formation advisory across various technology, media & telecom sectors.

Need to Meet: Gary Moon, Managing Partner, Nfluence Partners

Gary Moon founded, sold wireless company, then entered M&A. His tech team spun out of Headwaters MB to form boutique. Gary advised Meetup on its recent sale to WeWork.

Founders of Top 10-Ranked Boutique Bank for Tech M&A Announce Launch of Nfluence Partnersrs

New firm from seasoned team will provide M&A and private capital advisory for technology, media and telecommunications transactions with high-touch approach and mission-driven focus.

Tech banking team sets up boutique firm in San Francisco

As one San Francisco investment banking team strikes out on their own, one of the city’s top executive recruiters says he expects more tech investment teams will do the same.

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