Key Takeaways—The Creator Economy in 2022: Creators, Community, & Monetization


Sun Jen Yung, Partner, Head of Digital Media, Nfluence Partners

Vickie Nauman, Founder & CEO, CrossBorderWorks

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During the recent, third event in our Media and Music Salon Series—”The Creator Economy in 2022: Creators, Community, & Monetization”—a curated group of industry experts shared their thoughts on the evolution of the creator landscape. Based on the MMSS discussion and our own industry insights, we have put pen to paper on five major takeaways impacting the Creator Economy today, including how we define the term “creator,” the need for specialized tools to serve different types of creators and the niche communities within their audiences, the varying degrees to which creators emphasize monetization, and the effects Web3 may have on the creator economy.