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State of the Market – E-Commerce Marketplaces (2019)

E-commerce, and marketplace models in particular, are continuing to show momentum in a diverse range of verticals through an increasingly informed and demanding consumer base. We look at recent activity in this important growth segment, highlighting areas of strength, challenge, and transaction activity.

How AI is Shaping Customer Engagement

AI is becoming pervasive, particularly in the customer engagement space. To add critical AI expertise, many companies are turning to M&A to improve their products and services, augment their talent and increase their speed to market.

State of the Market – Digital News (2019)

Amidst a robust macroeconomic environment, market activity in the digital news sector has been marked with increased regulatory and publisher uncertainty. Here, we explore a set of key themes driving funding and acquisition activity, along with new strategies being explored by leading players in this landscape.

Customer Experience Comes of Age

Technologies that improve Customer Experience (CX) are driving the next wave in how businesses engage with their consumers and emerging market consolidation. Are you prepared?

Work Alchemy Podcast Episode

Investment banker Gary Moon plays at the intersection of capitalism, consciousness, and social impact. As Managing Partner of a technology boutique firm, Nfluence Partners, Gary focuses on working with mission-aligned businesses, those who believe that for-profit business can be a force for good.

Purpose and Profit Podcast – Episode 1

In the pilot episode, Gary Moon interviews Sunny Vanderbeck, managing partner at Satori Capital, about Sunny’s perspective on mission-aligned business and how his investment firm is embracing profit and purpose simultaneously.

Why Mission-Aligned Businesses Matter

MISSION: POSSIBLE Why Mission-Aligned Businesses Matter     Register for the Mission-Aligned Growth Summit Now   Sometimes businesses are about more than business. Sometimes they strive for more than revenue and ROI. Sometimes businesses...

Brewer Stone: China Tech Podcast

How concerned should Americans be with Chinese investment in US tech companies? Guest speaker Brewer Stone, Partner at Nfluence Partners, points out Chinese investors are making different kinds of investments and assuming new levels of risk to achieve their objectives.

Inside Spotify’s Acquisition of Loudr

Spotify’s acquisition last week of the music licensing start-up Loudr helps the streaming service to better manage its costs so that it can focus on attracting new subscribers for its premium service, said Sun Jen Yung, a digital media investment banker at Nfluence Partners who helped Loudr close the deal.

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